Harsha Reddy

SEO Specialist in Prague, Czechia

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I started my online journey in 2005—being just 19 at the time—as a freelancer. I must say, thanks to Google, I was very lucky to get such an early introduction to the digital marketing world.

With so many opportunities around, it didn’t take long for me to become a successful entrepreneur, launching my SEO agency in 2007. Though I wasn’t very tech-savvy back then, I managed to fulfill my set goals, thanks to Google.

Alas, my first business took a downturn just as fast as it grew. After lots of ups and downs—and having learned so much so quickly—I decided to take a break from everything. I traveled around the world with just my backpack before I dove back into freelancing.

Since then, I’ve started multiple projects in various niches and tried out everything that I’ve learned in the field of digital marketing—from working with clients as an SEO expert and exploring PPC to starting my own websites. I have a lot of gratitude and take great pleasure in thanking Brian Dean for sharing his knowledge.

I’m currently settled (and quite not settled) in Europe, working on many projects, the latest of which being TechJury.net. To date, developing new, creative SEO strategies has become my passion.

All of this, thanks to Google.

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